Enamelware Rectangular Tiered Tray

Enamelware is my favorite thing to collect...

Enamelware Rectangular Tiered Tray www.homeroad.net

I've collected these enamelware pieces through the years... as a matter of fact I've collected about 6 of these trays in all different sizes.

See the enamelware hanging bird feeder I made for our fine feathered friends.

Today I'm giving these trays a makeover and creating a functional tiered tray that looks great and will be useful as a jewelry holder or a serving dish.

I collected my pieces for this project... the black piece below may surprise you. The column I used for this tray was actually a Broyhill large wooden wall hook from the thrift store.

Enamelware Rectangular Tiered Tray www.homeroad.net

I drilled 2 holes in the larger tray, taping the area I was going to drill to prevent chipping.  I used E6000 glue and screws to attach the large wooden wall hook to the bottom tray.

When drilling the top hole I wasn't as lucky, the enamel chipped.  Luckily this is where the top knob was going to be so I easily covered up the chip with a little paint. 

Enamelware Rectangular Tiered Tray www.homeroad.net

I attached the top tier with more E6000 and another screw. This time I used a double sided screw. One side went into the knob and the other side screwed through the top tray and into the column.

Enamelware Rectangular Tiered Tray www.homeroad.net

The tiered trays with a black enamel border look super cute with the black center column and the black knob. The best part is there was no painting involved!

Enamelware Rectangular Tiered Tray www.homeroad.net

This enamelware tray makes the perfect serving piece.  It will also look beautiful as a jewelry and makeup holder on a dresser.

Enamelware Rectangular Tiered Tray www.homeroad.net
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  1. I would use it to hold cups at a coffee bar, decorations for Christmas, pumpkins for Halloween... so many things it could be used for, and it's adorable!

  2. Love it...as usual! Pinned!


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