Reclaimed Wooden Coffee Mug Rack

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I love that this coffee stencil is so versatile that I can use only the parts of the stencil I need to make a project.

An Old Sign Stenciled Coffee Mug Rack and a Sad Story

For this project I'm using some of the awesome boards I found on the side of the road...

the boards that were the perfect width and patina...

the boards that painted up so nicely for all my repurposed signs...

the boards my husband threw away!!!!!... but more about that later.

This is an easy project. I cut one of those perfect boards to the size I needed and using one of my favorite stencils from Old Sign Stencils, I stenciled the image onto my board.

An Old Sign Stenciled Coffee Mug Rack and a Sad Story

These stencils are nice and thick, I use only the part of the stencil I need for each project. 

For this sign I'm only using "Coffee Roasters".

I find that using spray adhesive on the back of my stencils gives me the best results. 

I use a sponge pouncer and using little or no paint on it, I pounce away until I get the desired coverage.

An Old Sign Stenciled Coffee Mug Rack and a Sad Story

This sign is not only a sign, it is going to be a rack to hold coffee mugs. 

The hooks I'm using for this project came from D. Lawless Hardware.  

They have the best knobs, handles, hooks, and castors for my projects and their prices are amazingly reasonable.

An Old Sign Stenciled Coffee Mug Rack and a Sad Story

These small hooks are the perfect size for coffee mugs.

An Old Sign Stenciled Coffee Mug Rack and a Sad Story

An Old Sign Stenciled Coffee Mug Rack and a Sad Story

An Old Sign Stenciled Coffee Mug Rack and a Sad Story

The stenciled mug rack is a great place to hold your coffee mugs but I'm sure at this point you're waiting to hear the rest of the story about the wood.

You see my dear husband who knows what I do and what I use to make my signs was seemingly trying to help clean my perfect stash of reclaimed wood.

Why... I don't know... 

In some kind of cleaning frenzy he decided that the beautiful wood I had stacked so neatly in a pile was garbage... so he threw it all out... all of it!

Somehow he didn't seem to notice that I've been using it for my signs for weeks now!

There were no words except ugh... 

and I hope I find a pile of even better wood next time.

So that's my sad reclaimed wood story.

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*The stencil and the hooks were given to me to sample and all opinions are my own

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  1. I'm going to have nightmares again being reminded about that trashed wood, and the pile wasn't even mine!

  2. Thanks! Keep in touch! It's been great working with you thus far!

    1. It is great working with D. Lawless Hardware! Great products!

  3. So sorry about the wood! :-/ I do love the sign and the hooks are just right! Thanks for sharing it with us!

  4. Sweeeet, Susan! Makes having coffee do-able even in the tightest of spaces! Cream and sugar in mine please... ;)


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