A Fruit Fly Trap that Works!

This is not a glamorous post...

We have Fruit Flies!!!

We get them every year....

They come in with the bananas

and they stay and they multiply!

Did you know... 

Now you do.

And here is how you can get rid of them...

At least until you buy bananas again.

I rolled up a piece of paper leaving a tiny hole at the bottom of the cone and placed it in a Mason jar. 

Make sure it is a tiny hole so they can not climb back out.

Label this contraption so your family knows what it is :)

Drop a piece of... you guessed it, banana inside the jar.

Be sure to tape the jar along the edge. 

These fruit flies are very smart and will try to get out.

A Fruit Fly Trap that Works! www.homeroad.net

By the next morning you will have this in the jar...

You may also see a bunch of fruit flies gathered on the edge of the cone. 

I have yet to decide if they are trying to save their friends or are just the smarter ones.

A Fruit Fly Trap that Works! www.homeroad.net

Hundreds of them!

Now you ask... what do I do next? 

Do I leave them in there to die and potentially get set free by a soft hearted teen? 

Do I set them free outside? (With my luck they will swarm back in the open door)

Actually I put the whole jar on the deck hoping they will die or freeze in the jar. 

A Fruit Fly Trap that Works! www.homeroad.net

And now my house is almost fruit fly free!

Try it, it works!

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