Mason Jar Lid Pumpkin

I am in love with these Mason jar lid pumpkins!

orange painted mason jar lid pumpkin

They are not my idea [I wish I could say they were]...

But I have so many Mason jar lids I had to give this DIY project a try.

I found my inspiration here.

I started my pumpkin project with 20 mason jar lids.

I tied them together with a length of jute through the middle. 

Mason jar lids in a circle to form a pumpkin

I'm using orange chalky paint (affiliate link) to paint the metal lids because it sticks to almost everything.

Orange painted mason jar lid circle

I gave the lids an initial first coat and let it dry.

When the paint dried I added a stem to the pumpkin. 

I had a real old pumpkin stem leftover from a pumpkin last year.

I drilled a hole into the bottom of the stem and added a dowel. 

The dowel is glued to the stem and into the center of the Mason jar lid pumpkin.

Painted mason jar lids to form a pumpkin with a stem

When the glue dried on the stem I gave the pumpkin a quick 2nd coat of paint. 

I added a coil of wire for the pumpkin tendril and all those leftover Mason jar lids now have a new purpose. 

finished mason jar lid pumpkin with a real stem

I think the best part of the whole pumpkin is the real stem on top. 

I love it!

Mason jar lid pumpkin with fall leaves

I gave this to my mother for her birthday... she loved it!

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