Repurposed White Pumpkins

Today I'm working on a new repurposed pumpkin project for the Fall. I'm turning an everyday object into fun and free Fall home decor. 

Repurposed White Pumpkins

As you may know in the Fall I turn everything into a pumpkin.

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Today I'm using the wheel from a redwood patio set. 

Several years ago I helped my Mother paint her outdoor furniture.

Today I'm using a similar wheel from a redwood patio lounge chair to make a pumpkin. 

I don't throw anything away!

wooden redwood bench wheel painted white

I cut a piece out of the bottom of the circle so the pumpkin wouldn't roll away.

The stem is a piece of some kind of gourd that came in a bag of potpourri.

gourd from bag of potpourri

Painted wheel with stem

The pumpkin wheel needed a friend so I used a wood slice leftover from another project...

and guess what? 

It is also going to be a pumpkin.

painted white circle with a stem

I painted both pieces with Fusion Mineral Paint.

Leaves and tendrils are added from pieces of old pumpkins and green wire. 

pumpkin from wooden circle with stem and leaf

pumpkin with a stem and a leaf

Once again my Fall decor is a culmination of old repurposed pieces given a new life.

So much better than what you can buy at the store!

two repurposed wooden pumpkins

Repurposed White Pumpkins with overlay

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