Making a Repurposed Clock Table

4:30:00 AM

Every once in a while I decide to clean out my basement. 

repurposed clock table

The basement is my workshop and it collects a LOT of stuff.

Today as I started a pile of things I was giving to Goodwill, it struck me.

repurposed clock table

A broken table and old clock that didn't work....


And so my evening journey began...

Step one was to open up the back of the clock and remove the mechanism.  

I glued down the clock hands to say 5:00... it sounded like a good time to me and after all it is 5:00 somewhere!

repurposed clock table

I removed the broken table top, the base was perfect for what I was thinking.

repurposed clock table

I attached the base to a longer piece of wood that fit inside the back of the clock for stability then painted the bottom of the table black.

repurposed clock table

For a tour of my workshop please go [HERE]

repurposed clock table

I used wood glue and screws to assemble all the pieces. 

I used FUSION MINERAL PAINT in coal black to paint the table then left it to dry overnight.

repurposed clock table

repurposed clock table

And now the clock and the broken table will not be going to Goodwill.

The new clock table is going straight to my shop.

See more Homeroad repurposed tables...




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  1. This is very pretty and so unique. And the fact that you thought to combine the two was pure genius! You did a wonderful job with it

  2. well how about that? great marriage on this one! Always love what you turn out :)

  3. Absolutely beautiful! Love your blog. It is so inspirational.

  4. Oh, I like this a lot. Obviously you are brimming with creativity. Great job. I saw your link at Friday's Furniture Fix party. Ann Marie @ Iris Abbey

  5. You are so amazingly talented in what you do!

    1. Well shoot Mercy, that was so nice! Thanks so much! :)


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