Galvanized Steel Chalkboard Ornaments

It all began with a trip to Michael's Craft Store...

Galvanized Steel Chalkboard Ornaments
I usually do one craft fair a year... at the library, safe and always very successful.

This year I'm taking a couple of really BIG chances.

First I'm doing a home holiday party at the home of a parent from my school....

and I'm REALLY not sure what to bring! Do they like rustic and repurposed? Heck do they even know their Pre K teacher does this in her spare time?

Secondly I'm doing a craft event at our local Middle School... 

so I need even more stuff! I've sold out of a lot of things I brought to the library fair.

I need easy projects that can sell for a good price while staying true to my repurposed, rustic style.

I searched Michael's and here is one of the projects I came up with... 

Galvanized steel ornaments! Who doesn't love that?

Galvanized Steel Chalkboard Ornaments
The ornaments were a great price {50% off} and then I found these pretty chalkboard vinyls. (not a sticker buy vinyl so it doesn't peel off!)

I simply added the vinyl to each ornament then added a black sheer ribbon.

Galvanized Steel Chalkboard Ornaments

I'm suggesting the customers add a simple monogram to each chalkboard using a chalkboard marker. 

You bet I will even bring a chalk pen and do it for them!

Galvanized Steel Chalkboard Ornaments

So I think this one will be a hit at both fairs...

With help from my very good crafty friends, I'm brainstorming more easy and inexpensive ideas that repurpose and reuse.

Galvanized Steel Chalkboard Ornaments

Stay tuned for the rest of my easy holiday craft fair ideas.

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  1. IF I was a customer would buy those, really cute and versatile. Haven't seen any of those at our Michaels in Grand Junction but so many times they don't carry same items. Frustrating but is how it is. At least this year holiday crafting supplies were available earlier. I see so many items bloggers say they buy but our stores don't ever seem to have same goodies. grumble. Clever idea to put pretty vinyl tag on metal ornament shapes. Wish they had them at ours. Hope this does really well for you. Happy week


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