Painting Outdoor Furniture in Beautiful Blue

At Homeroad we are finally getting beautiful Spring weather so I'm creating a beautiful blue patio area starting with these pieces that just need a little love.

stacked and covered patio furniture

Truth be told I'm not really a blue kinda girl. As a matter of fact I have no blue in my whole house except for the pretty turquoise in my master bathroom.

When the opportunity came up to work with Fusion Mineral PaintI couldn't say no. I LOVE Fusion paint and I will use it any chance I get and this time I'm going to put it to work on outdoor furniture.

The color I chose for this challenge is Champness. I want to give these outdoor wrought iron pieces another few years and step out of my box by adding a new color into my life. 

Jar of light blue Fusion Mineral Paint called Champness

Fusion Mineral Paint goes on smoothly, covers in 1-2 coats and needs no top coat. I repeat... no need to seal or wax!! That is the very best part in my book.

In no time at all I had all 3 of these pieces repainted and who knew that blue was going to be my new favorite color for out on my deck. 

Stacked metal furniture ready to paint

I couldn't wait to get started decorating around these beautiful blue pieces...

and then this happened... at least we know it's snow proof!

Outdoor furniture covered with snow

I waited another few days and during that time I took a trip to Target to pick up everything blue I could find for the deck... I was ready to try again. 

While I waited for the weather to turn I whipped up a little repurposed project using an old stool. I attached a metal tray to the top and built a wooden shelf for the bottom. It has an attached basket and castors so it rolls from place to place. It is the perfect mini drink bar... an ice bucket on top filled with ice will hold cold drinks is all we need for the next party.

Then yes, I painted it Champness blue!

Wooden stool with metal tray attached

It was finally time... the sun was shining, the birds were singing, and I was decorating the deck... all in blue. 

Chair with fish pillow and painted side table.

Outdoor painted metal coffee table and couch with pillow

These old wrought iron pieces look brand new. I love the look and the Champness blue is the perfect new color for my patio. 

Outdoor furniture area with sofa, chairs, and metal painted tables

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