How to Easily Repurpose a Thrift Store Find

If you are a thrift store junkie like I am you see these all the time.

How to Easily Repurpose a Thrift Store Find

These mail sorters or whatever are all over the thrift stores and repurposing these old wooden relics is fun and can even be profitable. 

How to Easily Repurpose a Thrift Store Find

This piece began as an old maple, chipped, worn piece that was selling for $2.00

I painted this piece with Pure White Annie Sloan Chalk Paint®.

though even an inexpensive chalky paint or one you make yourself works fine on these up-cycled projects. 

How to Easily Repurpose a Thrift Store Find

I added hooks I found a Michael's to the long piece on the top...

How to Easily Repurpose a Thrift Store Find
These old photos are of my husband at age 5 and my great-great grandfather.
Instant update!

This piece is now totally acceptable to hang in a kitchen or office to sort mail, coupons or to organize photos. 

A little paint goes a long way and can easily and inexpensively transform an unwanted item into one you would love for your home. 

How to Easily Repurpose a Thrift Store Find

Saving the planet one re-loved thrift store item at a time. 

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  1. Does your hubs see your visions? When you pick up old things like your mail sorter does he groan and say "not another piece of junk to lie around? Do you find things knowing can do something with it, just not sure at time of find so put it away til you do find use? Will he stop for goodies on side of road, sure hope so.
    Your mail sorter is great, love that you used chalk paint but also say can use home made chalk paint. Afraid Annie Sloan and so many of other brands are way over my budget.
    Very seldom if ever find a mail sorter where we live, total bummer. Our area is goodies challenged, just don't find them or so many other treasures I read abut bloggers finding.
    Maybe need to go dumpster diving, see if that yields any goodies. Always enjoy and am inspired by your posts.
    Have great week

    1. Wellllll... let's just say my husband has learned to see my vision. He has picked up a few things for me but it's mostly me. We have many thrift stores around so I go several times a month. I usually repurpose what I find, stick it in the shop and sell it. Luckily most of my creations sell so I don't have a large hoard of stuff in my house. Thankfully !


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