8 Tiered Trays from Vintage Finds

Tiered trays are a great way to recycle pieces that were headed to the trash. 

tiered tray bakeware

I love making tiered trays and many of these beautiful bowls are inexpensively created from thrift store finds or Grandma's attic...

red wooden tiered tray

Repurposing bowls and bakeware is a great way to create a unique piece for serving. 

Tiered Trays from wooden bowl and bundt pan

You'll be surprised at what some of them are made from...

I collect enamelware and this is one of my favorite trays...

Tiered Trays from vintage enamelware

Some are pretty enough to be used as a jewelry display...

These gorgeous wooden dishes were a clearance item...

Tiered Trays from wooden tray s and candlesticks

Visit the links and visit the sites to see many of the complete directions to create one yourself. 

Tiered Trays using silver trays

This one is perfect for entertaining a large crowd!

Tiered Trays from bakeware painted white

Don't forget the garden... Many of these trays make great planters too.

Tiered Trays from Vintage bakeware and flowers

This one is actually a table but would be perfect on top of a table for a dramatic display!

Tiered wooden table tray

tiered tray with overlay

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