How to Build Organization for the Potting Bench

Every good potting bench needs a few good organizers.

An Adirondack chair repurposed makes great potting bench organization.

When I was cleaning up the yard this spring I came across a broken Adirondack chair so I kept the back for a future project. 

The day is here when I knew just what I needed and how to make it.   

I cut off the bottom of the chair where there was damage and added a piece of wood as a brace. 

On top of that I screwed on a rusty metal bread baking tin with holes punched in the bottom for drainage. 

Adirondack chair turned great organization for potting bench.

I added a few hooks from D. Lawless Hardware and my favorite number 12.  

Then the whole piece got a coat of white paint. 

I hung the chair on the shed wall where I built myself an outdoor potting bench. 

Repurposed broken chair makes perfect garden organization.

The baking pan at the bottom is a great place to throw my gloves and clippers so I always know where they are when I'm out in the yard. 

Outdoor storage and organization for a potting bench garden area.

And the hooks are a great place to hang things I'm always looking for.  

Storage and organization are two things of which there are never enough. 

Hooks and garde  storag make perfect organization for the Garden bench.

A Repurposed broken Adirondack Chair makes perfect organization for the garden bench.

Love my other organization station?... that Welcome to my Garden box holds tools I want to keep out of the weather. 

The side of the shed is the perfect place for a potting bench with repurposed organization and storage.

This area in my back yard is a great place to work in the spring and summer. 

You can read about edging and mulching my garden.

Broken Adirondack chair is repurposed into the perfect Potting bench organization.

Happy Gardening! 

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