Using a Paint Sprayer on Outdoor Furniture

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Painting outdoor metal furniture can be a real pain...

Using a Paint Sprayer on Outdoor Furniture

Just ask me because I've painted these pieces a few times already.

The last time I used a brush and painted them a beautiful light blue color. It took me forever to get around all those curves, both tops bottoms and inside the lacy design. 

I loved the color but I should have painted them white right from the beginning and now I know... I am all about the white!

Then there was the time before that it was a light green with a wooden top... gorgeous but don't ask!

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Using a Paint Sprayer on Outdoor Furniture

So when Homeright provided me with  a new paint sprayer I decided that this outdoor furniture was the absolute perfect thing to try it on.

After all... I'm a painter and this is what I do so let me try every option. 

Using a Paint Sprayer on Outdoor Furniture

I read the directions, laid out a drop cloth, filled up the container with paint and got busy painting. 

I used Fusion Mineral Paint in the paint sprayer. Fusion is great for outdoor painting because it is self sealing... yes, no waxing involved!

At first I added a little water to the paint but soon realized that the paint had such a smooth texture that it worked right out of the jar into the sprayer. 

Using a Paint Sprayer on Outdoor Furniture

It couldn't have been easier! 

Using a Paint Sprayer on Outdoor Furniture

Or faster. 

I was literally finished painting these 3 pieces in 15 minutes.... tops and bottoms. 

It honestly took me longer to clean the sprayer when I was finished than it did to paint the furniture but it was well worth it. 

Now that I know how to clean the machine it will only take minutes next time. 

Using a Paint Sprayer on Outdoor Furniture

There was not a lot of over spray but I do have my eye on the Homeright spray shelter next!

I'm seeing a LOT of spray painting in my future!

Using a Paint Sprayer on Outdoor Furniture

The furniture was replaced on my deck in a couple of hours and I sure wish I had the sprayer the first few times I painted it. 

And seriously, white was the right color!

Using a Paint Sprayer on Outdoor Furniture

Using a Paint Sprayer on Outdoor Furniture

*And just an update... this painted furniture stayed out in the north east elements all winter. Covered with snow and ice for 4 months and the paint is still perfect!


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*Homeright provided me with the paint sprayer and all opinions are my own.

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  1. Thank you for sharing this info! I've been coveting a paint sprayer for awhile now and wasn't sure what brand to ho with. I will definitely be looking at the Homeright one now.

  2. Lovely patio and furniture.Enjoy in summer.Hugs from Serbia,Cale


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