5 Beautiful DIY Garden Birdhouses

Every garden needs a birdhouse so today I'm showing you how to build one or two for yourself.

perennial garden

My garden is coming along nicely since we replaced the fence but we had a lot of work to do including moving some of my treasured birdhouses.

As you can see one of the birdhouses is still leaning on the shed.

backyard shed with birdhouse

Some of my favorite pieces of garden junk are the birdhouses I make. Click on the links below to see how each one is made. 

This one I called the birdhouse condo ... and you won't believe what it used to be!

birdhouse condo

This is one of my funnier posts, I remade a birdhouse for my mother's yard... 

garden birdhouse

This little junker is made completely with repurposed parts.

rustic birdhouse

The license plate birdhouse is one of my favorites and is the one just put back into the garden.

license plate birdhouse

This little mini birdhouse came home with me from the Country Living Fair. 

Someone was selling these cute birdhouses on spindles, Being a crafter myself I bought the birdhouse and attached it to my own spindle. 

birdhouse on a spindle

As you can see my yard is filled with DIY garden junk that makes both me and the birds very happy.

birdhouse with overlay

Before you go visit my 

DIY Bird Feeders too! 

birdhouse with overlay

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