American Flag Table Runner

5:30:00 AM

When I found this long, thin American flag at a yard sale I wasn't thinking this...

American Flag Table Runner

But the idea hit me when I was cleaning out the basement and found the flag. 

What at was I every going to do with this? 

My first thought was to hang it on the canopy out on the deck... but as I passed the kitchen table it struck me.

This would make a GREAT table runner for the summer!

American Flag Table Runner

It was more than long enough for my extra long farmhouse table. 

It's even long enough if I add the 2 more huge leaves in the table. 

American Flag Table Runner

So that's where the flag landed and that's where it stays!

American Flag Table Runner

If you are interested in a long, slim flag of your own you can purchase one on Amazon. 
(affiliate link) 



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  1. I'm in love with this patriotic runner!
    Happy 4th. and happy week.

  2. Although it looks nice, somehow I think one's not supposed to use the American Flag as decoration.

    1. Yes I believe you are right Lori, however this is not an authentic American Flag. It has only 8 stripes and is purely for decorative purposes.... Not sure I would have considered using an authentic flag in this way.

  3. I love this idea!! Looks great on your table!


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