How to Turn Thrifted into Treasures

Here are some fun and fabulous DIY projects 
you can make in no time from thrift store finds...

How to Turn Thrifted into Treasures

Get the DIY tutorial for each project by clicking on the bold links....

Got an old tennis racket frame? 

How to Turn Thrifted into Treasures

How about a broken piece of an old table? 

There is nothing better than a gorgeous Photo Display!

How to Turn Thrifted into Treasures

A 1980's magazine rack becomes the transformation of the century! 

Check out the DIY for this Beautiful Garden Tote

How to Turn Thrifted into Treasures

Broken chair parts never get thrown away...

Repurpose them into a one of a kind Jewelry Display. 

How to Turn Thrifted into Treasures

And last but not least never throw away a good enamelware dish!

Repurpose those beautiful dishes into Bird Feeders for the garden!

How to Turn Thrifted into Treasures

Thanks for visiting I hope you got the chance to click on the bold links above to learn a little something more about each of these repurposed treasures!

How to Turn Thrifted into Treasures

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  1. Thank you for the great ideas! For some reason when I go to a yard sale or thrift store I see all of these things and my mind just goes blank, lol. So I end up passing them up because I don't know what to do with them. I can do the work I just don't have that eye for creativity.

    1. Thanks so much Candylea. When I see ideas on Pinterest or on blogs that I like I jot down things I'd like to find at a garage sale or thrift store, then when I find things I know what I want to make with them :) It's all about keeping notes :)

  2. Now that is an awesome idea! Why have I never thought to do that before? I'll definitely be doing it now, because this happens to me all the time!
    Thank you so much for an answer to my boggled memory, the lol!


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