A Farmhouse Styled Muffin Stand

When I found this it sure didn't look like this!

A Farmhouse Styled Muffin Stand
As a matter of fact, if you didn't have an eye for everything farmhouse white, you may not have seen the possiblities. 

Here is what I bought from a local Facebook site... 

This piece is over 3 feet tall. 

A White Farmhouse Styled Muffin Stand

Cute but the Chinese pictures on it were not quite my style. 

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I brought it home and sanded off the painting, it was 3D painting so I used an electric sander.

A Farmhouse Styled Muffin Stand Repurpose

After sanding, I sprayed the piece with Bull's Eye Shellac to seal the red paint so there would be no bleeding on the white paint. 

I used Fusion Mineral Paint in Casement white. This is my favorite paint and it's available at Revival Oporium at Backstreet Antiques. 

Fusion Mineral Paint is a flat chalk-like finish that needs no sealer or waxing. It goes on smoothly and covers in just 2 coats. 

A Farmhouse Styled White  Muffin Stand

A White Farmhouse Styled Muffin Stand Makeover

When all the painting was done I had this gorgeous white three tiered stand which I was later told is known as a Muffin Stand. 

I can see it on the table at my next family buffet filled with dishes, cheeses, or maybe even muffins!

A White Farmhouse Styled Muffin Stand Makeover

A Farmhouse Styled Muffin Stand

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  1. Awesome job! I actually live on a farm and all the white cracks me up because when you come inside after a long day with the dog by your side all that white... well it doesn't stay white for very long. But I love it, have white cabinets and doors and started adding more white here and there with dishes and such. This is a fantastic transformation really love all the stuff you create it's so inviting.


    1. Hi Carole, That is actually pretty funny! I can imagine that things would get very dirty on the farm. I love the farmhouse look, however live in a suburb of NYC so there isn't much farm dirt here. LOL. Thanks for visiting and your kind words. :)

  2. I can see myself passing by the muffin stand without a blink. I would have never thought of painting it and making something as beautiful as you did. It is beautiful now...grate job!!

    1. Well thanks so much Vivian! I always look at things with the thought of painting it... and usually white. I have a whole new perspective on things now. I wish more people would think about updating rather than filling the land fill. Have a great day Viv!


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