Adding an Image to an Enamelware Pail

There was nothing not to like about this 99 cent pail. 

Adding an Image to an Enamelware Pail
It looked like this when I found it and while it is a reproduction, the color was perfect and the enamelware look just made me happy!

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Adding an Image to an Enamelware Pail from the Thrift store

I'm using a product called Omni Gel (affiliate link) again today because it works so well for an image transfer like this one. 

I printed a coffee image from the Graphics Fairy then coated it with the Omni Gel. I gave it 3 coats letting it dry between each coat. The image was printed on a laser printer and for this project there is no need to flip the image. 

Adding an Image to a Green  Enamelware Pail

The next morning when the Omni Gel was completely dry and rubbery, I cut out the image close to the lettering. 

Omni Gel on an image from the Graphics Fairy

Next I wet the back of the paper and rubbed until all the paper was rubbed off. The image will be opaque. While this transfer works best on a white background like on the canister I did a while back, it still works on any color. 

Adding an Image to an Enamelware Pail

When all the paper was off I placed the image onto the pail. 

Adding an Image to an IKEA Enamelware Pail

I gave the image one more coat of Omni Gel while it was on the pail and let it dry. 

Adding a Graphics Fairy  Image to an Enamelware Pail

Adding an Image to a Green Ikea Enamelware Pail

Adding an Image to an Enamelware Pail Planter

I love this stuff, it makes a 99 cent pail look so cute!

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