Farmhouse Milk and Cream Sign

When my customers want to know if I can make something they've seen on the internet for them, I usually say yes!

Making a Special Order Milk and Cream Sign

Sometimes I don't know where they found the picture they want me to reproduce so please excuse me if I don't know the source.

This one however, I knew was made with Vintage Farmhouse Stencils by Knick of Time.  

I have this stencil and it was pretty easy to reproduce this project. 

I began with an 8" wide board, I cut it to about 14" long. 

I also bought 1" x 2" strips to frame out the board.  

Making a Special Order Milk and Cream farmhouse Sign

I painted the 8" wide board white and pre-stained the strips of wood for the frame. 

Pinterest pin with overlay

I cut the pre-stained strips to fit around the white board then used wood glue and my nail gun to attach the strips.

Making a Special Order Farmhouse Milk and Cream Sign

When my wooden canvas was finished I used the Milk and Cream stencil from Knick of Time to quickly and easily stencil the wood.  

I used spray adhesive to keep the stencil in place while I used a foam pouncer to apply black paint in light, even coats. 

Making a Special Order Milk and Cream Sign from Knick of Time stencil

The final product looked just liked the requested special order so I was proud to send my customer the finished photo. 

Making a Special Order Milk and Cream Sign

And here it is from a picture sent to me as it hangs in the customer's home...

Milk and cream sign with mug rack and rae dunn

Visit Knick of Time for Angie's vast collection of farmhouse stencils. 

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