Repurposed Pizza Pedestal Dish

I'm dishing up a few of my favorite things today...

Repurposed Pizza Pedestal Dish

First I'm repurposing a pizza pedestal... 

you know the steel pie plate that sits high on your table when you eat at a pizza restaurant... 

I found it at the thrift store.

I painted the top of the dish with a few coats of Fusion Mineral Paint, then added an image from the Graphics Fairy. 

Repurposed Pizza Pedestal Dish with a Graphics Fairy Transfer

You can read about the transfer method here.

When the image dried I painted the top with Triple Thick which is a spray glaze that makes the paint look shiny.

Repurposed Pizza Pedestal Dish with an image from the  Graphics Fairy Transfer

The image comes out great using this method. If you're looking for perfect don't even try it because it almost never comes out perfect. 

At Homeroad everything is distressed and well loved, it's the look I'm going for and the look I love. 

Bee image transferred to a pizza pedestal dish.

That pizza should see this tray now!

Repurposed Pizza Pedestal Dish with an easy DIY Graphics Fairy Transfer

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