How to Make a Personalized Father's Day Gift

Trying to find the perfect Father's Day gift is not always easy.

vinyl birthdates cut on silhouette machine

But this hand-made gift is perfect in every way for the young dads in our family. 

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On a recent trip to Target I found these glasses in the dollar section... 

well $3 section to be exact. 

trophy dad father's day glasses from target

They're cute but definitely not special enough.

Until I had the idea to get crafty with them. 

I used my vinyl cutter to cut out the birth dates of my grandchildren. 

One Dad has 2 boys and the other has one on the way. 

This mother of 4 girls is finally getting her boys in the form of grandsons!

vinyl birthdate stencil

I attached the vinyl stencil to the back of the glass and pressed down around all the edges. 

glass etching birthdate stencils

I used a product called Armour Etch glass etching cream and painted it on the stencil.  

The directions say to leave it on for one minute but I found it needed double that time on my glasses. 

*It is important to follow the manufacturers directions. 

etching cream

When the time was up I rinsed off the cream then pulled off the vinyl stencil. 

You will want to wash and dry the glass. 

etched glass

The etching worked perfectly, it is just a little hard to photograph. 

I put a dark piece of paper inside the glass so you could see it a little better. 

This made the cutest gift for the special Dad and Dad to-be.

I wrapped it in a gift bag with their favorite beer!

glass etching father's day project

This was the perfect way to personalize an inexpensive gift to give it meaning to the dads in our lives. 

Have a beer Dads... you deserve it!

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