Building a Gazebo on the Deck

We are having some fun in the sun today!

putting together a navy blue gazebo

Well sort of. Ok not really fun but when it's finished it will be fun. 

Today is the day that we finally decided to put up the gazebo that was delivered about 2 months ago. Its been sitting in the garage ever since. 

The weather here has been very cool and rainy but today, the day the weather turned to 85 degrees, is the day we decided to put up the gazebo. 

The box was filled with no less than 100 parts not including the bags of assorted screws, nuts, and caps in various sizes. 

And here were the directions... holes and all. 

gazebo directions

Got that? Neither did we. 

We dumped out all the parts and got to work. Honestly this gazebo was pretty inexpensive so I guess the work involved was par for the course. 

The biggest problem was that it was a little difficult to tell which pieces were which once they were all laid out.  It would have helped if some of the pieces and screws were labeled. 

gazebo metal rods

My husband and I plugged along on the first day of summer heat with little idea of what we were doing. To our surprise, the thing was actually coming together. 

At one point we resorted to oven mitts to hold the metal pieces while we worked on them, the sun made them blazing hot!

gazebo assembly with hot mitts

We took it step by step and 4 hours later we could see the gazebo start to take shape. 

DIY gazebo assembly

DIY gazebo instructions

I followed the directions and assembled the pieces while Jim tightened the screws... every last one of them. We made a good team. Except that the first photo he took of me was from the back... that was not being a good team member.🙄

Before long it actually looked like the last stick picture in the directions. 

metal gazebo for the deck

We were finally finished when we crowned it with the beautiful navy blue top which finally blocked out the sun. 

All in all the gazebo is good quality for the price and looks fantastic! 

navy blue gazebo cover

gazebo instructions for putting one on your deck

It was ready for the furniture and we were more than ready for a nice cold drink!

gazebo for the corner of the deck

gazebo top and navy blue deck furniture

Now go see the DIY curtains I made to block 
the late afternoon sun and the 
DIY light that hangs in the center!
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  1. It looks fabulous. I love the rug, furnituring and overall the color. Thank you for sharing.

  2. Hello to you. Can you tell me where you purchased your gazebo? You look is lovely with the curtains too!


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