DIY Gazebo Curtains

If you saw my post about putting up the gazebo...

DIY gazebo

Then you can probably see what I needed to do next. 

We have a western exposure on our deck which is great all day but in the late afternoon the sun is intense. 

Gazebo DIY curtains

I searched around for a while for a shade or curtain solution that would work but I didn't find anything for a reasonable price. 

I visited a local box store to search out a curtain or even shower curtain that might work. 

It must have been my lucky day because on clearance were 2 indoor/outdoor panels the perfect color. The only problem was they were very, very long! 

Outdoor gazebo curtain DIY

I measured the correct length, cut the extra fabric and hemmed the curtains to the length I needed. 

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I hand stitched the hems because frankly hauling out my sewing machine wasn't going to happen today. 

hemming curtains for gazebo

I was left with a good sized navy blue block at the bottom and I used the original curtain hem as tie-backs.

I also have about 2 yards leftover for pillow covers.

Outdoor DIY Gazebo curtains

I hung the curtains with shower curtain hooks... the big circle, loose leaf style ones. 

DIY Gazebo curtains for sun protection

Inside view... These curtains are lined so they do a great job of blocking out the sun. They are indoor/outdoor curtains but I am spraying them with water proofing spray on both sides just to be sure. 

Sun solution for gazebo

These curtains completely solved my blaring sun problem and can be tied back when not in use. I am also going to add a small string tie-back at the bottom for windy days. 

Two of the sides of our gazebo are along the house and I left one side open so it wouldn't feel too closed in. 

DIY Gazebo curtains tied back for sunlight

I think this was the perfect solution and the perfect color!

DIY gazebo curtains on a summer deck

See how we built this pretty gazebo here. 

Update: I recently purchased a new set of furniture for this area from Amazon. It is a plastic basket weave and I love it. The furniture snaps together with plastic screws. It is very sturdy and comfortable. The set includes 2 chairs, a coffee table, and a love seat WITH cushions!

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  1. what did you use for waterproofing spray on the curtains? They look great!

    1. The curtains were indoor/outdoor curtains to begin with but I did give them a squirt of Scotchguard waterproofing spray on both sides. :)

    2. I added an affiliate link to the product I used.

  2. Your new gazebo looks so beautiful! And the curtains just add to the appeal. Love how they look tied to the sides!

    I can see where you will be spending your time... :)


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