How to Make a Mid Century Modern DIY Side Table

I'm never going to doubt her again!

mid century modern plans for a DIY table

This mother of 3 children under the age of 5 and lover of all things Mid Century Modern never ceases to amaze me. 

When she sent me this inspiration photo and said she wanted to make a similar table, I will admit... I completely doubted her. 

I never will again!

You would think I would have learned not to doubt her when she renovated the apartment kitchen all by herself. 

Or maybe even when she made her own wallpaper for the kitchen. 

Or maybe even the desk made of pennies

And let's not forget the hand masterpiece that hangs in my kitchen. 

I'm learning. 

So when I got a photo from her asking my opinions I didn't believe it could be done. 

wooden legs for a MCM project

Even when I helped her cut the shapes from the MDF wood and cut the dowels to her exact measurements, I still didn't think it would work. 

exact measurements for a mcm project

But then this...

mid century modern plans from MDF

and this...

Mid century modern side table plans

and then some paint, stain, and this...

mid century modern painted side table

(You can tell she's a busy mother by the backgrounds in the photos lol) 

So as you can see this multi-talented woman really follows through when she puts her mind to a DIY project. 

She created a table for her home that made us all proud. 

DIY modern side table made at home

I will never doubt her talents again!

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