Painted Metal Tray Set with Quilt Design Stencil

The set of hammered metal trays I bought at the thrift store 
were perfect for this quilted stencil project. 

painted metal trays with quilt designs

This old set of 3 was just what I was looking for, a little dirty but new with tags. 

hammered metal tray set from thrift store

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I washed the trays using Krud Kutter which is great for removing grease and dirt before painting. 

Fusion Mineral Painted metal trays

Fusion Mineral Paint in Bedford and Homestead Blue was my choice for painting these trays. Fusion Mineral Paint sticks to metal beautifully. 

When the paint was dry I used a set of 3 quilt designs from Vintage Sign Farmhouse Stencils by Knick of Time. I stenciled a different design on each tray in contrasting colors. 

When the painting was complete I coated each tray with a spray sealer for extra durability. 

quilt design stenciled on painted metal tray

metal tray with stenciled blue quilt design

A set of 3 trays was just what I was looking for to try this adorable set of 3 quilt designs. 

They make a great set or can be used separately. 

Remade metal trays with quilt designs

Visit Knick of Time's Vintage Sign Stencils for more information. 

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