Wooden Block "American" Flag

I just love vintage game pieces. Enough to use them on repurposed projects every chance I get! This one was made with Dollar Tree "Jenga" blocks and couldn't be cuter!

DIY American Flag

So when I found a bunch of faux Jenga® game pieces at the thrift store I had several projects in mind including this one. 

thrift store game pieces repurposed

I cut a board the size I needed to make a flag then using wood glue, glued the wooden pieces to the board. 

Jenga game piece pallet

Then using the blocks as a guide I began painting the stripes and the blue field using craft paint

American flag game piece flag

Jenga game piece flag project

When the paint dried I used a dark wax to age the flag and bring out all the different wood tones in the blocks. 


Rustic American Flag DIY

This was an easy and fun project which as I've been schooled is technically the flag of Liberia. You can do whatever kind of star in the field that you'd like, if you want to do stars I have a great stencil that makes stars and stripes too! 


DIY American flag using game pieces

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American flag with overlay pin

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