A Hometown Sign for the College Girl

My youngest daughter was preparing to leave for college.

stenciled long island sign
As we prepared for her departure... you know bedding, toiletries, microwave, refrigerator, the works.

She asked me to make her a sign. Yes she did! I didn't even know she knew what I did LOL! 

She wanted a sign from our home town and I couldn't have been happier to oblige her. 

I got to work creating a wooden canvas from pieces I had in the workshop. I attached 2 pieces of 1x4's using paint sticks, wood glue, and nails.

The pallet was painted with a chalky grey paint front and back. 

wooden sign canvas

I used my Silhouette machine to make a stencil then stenciled letters onto the wood using a navy blue craft paint.

Long Island lettering on a wooden sign

Next, using a nautical stencil I added a couple of beachy designs to each side of the sign. 

Nautical stencils

In case you don't know, Long Island is part of New York and sticks out into the ocean. We are luckily enough to have some really great beaches all around us. 

So along with the car full of things we had to bring to college, she now had a great hometown sign to hang on her wall reminding her of where she comes from and who loves her. 

Wooden Long Island Sign

I'm so glad she asked me to make this sign for her. 
I really miss this kid!

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