One Old Repurposed Lamp with Many New Uses

Remember when I promised you'd see this lamp again?

repurposed lamp with glass chandelier bling

Well here it is again... and if I had actually paid for this lamp I sure would have gotten my money's worth because I've now used every piece!

repurposed projects using an old lamp

I've made an earring display, several different kinds of ornaments with the crystals, and now another rack to display ornaments at the craft fair. 

When I dismantled the lamp I saved all the bling of course, they were perfect for the ornaments. 

I will be posting about each one of the ornaments as it gets closer to Christmas. So far, I've written about the Green Domino Ornaments so go take a look if you'd like a sneak peak at my Christmas ideas. 

Today I'm using the last piece of the lamp... the outer ruffled edge.

This last piece hung in the basement for a few months and today as I was making more bling ornaments I needed an ornament rack to hold them... so here goes...  

repurposed part from an old ceiling light

I attached the rack to a spindle from an old chair on top of the base from an old string holder.  

I ran outside to give these pieces a quick spray painting.

spray painting an old lamp part

On the top I added a bunny finial from an old broken dish I used to have. This was an after thought but worked out perfectly. I will just have to add a mini wreath around his neck to dress him up for Christmas.  

Ornament display with bunny finial

I spray painted the whole creation with a second coat of white chalky spray paint...

white ornament display with bunny finial

and now I have the perfect display for my ornaments at the 
Veteran's Day Craft Fair!

Repurposed faucet ornaments with bling

Read all about these faucet ornaments Here.

You can find these fun faucet ornaments along with a bunch more repurposed ornaments for Christmas in my 
Etsy Shop right now!

Holiday craft fair ornament ideas

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