How to Paint a Vertical Fall Sign

Fall is coming whether this teacher is ready or not!

Vertical fall sign

I'm getting ready with my first Fall sign of the season. 

I recently acquired a pile of wooden siding from an old house. It doesn't matter to me that it is thicker on one side than the other... it is beautiful reclaimed wood, I'm keeping it from a land fill, and I love it!

Large vertical fall sign

I began by mixing a beautiful custom orange color by mixing yellow and red chalky paint

Orange chalky paint mixing colors

Mixing orange for a rustic vertical sign

I have a set of extra large stencils that I traced right onto the wood then filled in the lettering with an off white chalky paint.

I added a thin line of trim around the edge by laying down very thin tape, painting around it, then removing the tape. 

Painting a thin line to frame the sign

When the paint dried I gave the entire board a very strong sanding with the electric sander then more with a piece of medium grade sandpaper sponge.

That's it... Fall is coming and there is nothing I can do but keep painting with this beautiful custom made orange color! 

How to create a large DIY vertical rustic fall sign on reclaimed wood

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