How to Paint a Large Coffee Table

I'm finally getting around to painting this table!

As much as I love it, this large table has been sitting in this room for a year or so and every time I sit in there I imagine it painted. 

If you like that clock on the wall you can read all about the clock story here.

The sofa and chair you ask? IKEA... yes Ikea! I love this furniture, I have it in the den too. I would buy it again in a second. The slipcovers come off and pop into the washer. They are durable and come in a ton of colors... I have dark grey as well for a change of pace. The slipcovers are available here.

I liked the stained wood on this table at first, as a distraction from all the neutral colors in the room but as time went on it was getting very chipped... and not in a good way. 

Today is the day... I began by removing the black hardware from the top of the table. The top lifts open for storage so the panel came off to paint when the hinges were removed. 

I cleaned the table, dropped a plastic tarp, and began painting. Yep, right in the middle of the living room. I used Fusion Mineral Paint in Algonquin so there wasn't too much prep since the finish on the table was not too shiny.

Two quick coats was all this table needed. I spray painted the black hardware {affiliate link} and re-attached it to the table. 

Wow! This was one of those "I really should have painted this table a long time ago" moments.

Painted coffee table in neutral color with iron details

creating a neutral look with painted furniture

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