Aluminum Can Fall Pumpkins

If you've been following for a while you know I love
to make pumpkins out of anything!

recycled aluminum can pumpkin with glass knob and scrabble tiles

In years past I've made pumpkins with wine corks, barbecue gratesbake ware and even Mason Jar lids! 

call them my junky punkys! 

Check them all out by clicking on the orange links above. 

Right now I'm painting up a couple of aluminum cans leftover from dinner... can't let anything go to waste around here! 

orange chalky painted aluminum cans and DIY orange paint

I mixed up a batch of beautiful orange chalky paint using yellow chalky paint and red chalky paint. 

Mixing these 2 colors can give you any shade of orange you'd like. 

Don't want to buy chalky paint? 

How about making your own with the instructions here.

I added a green glass cabinet knob as the stem and a curly spring for the tendrils. 

A 1" wide grosgrain ribbon made perfect pumpkin leaves. 

aluminum can pumpkin with scrabble letters and glass knob with newspaper background

I added Scrabble tiles with magnets on the back that spell out the word Fall and this project is a wrap! T

he magnet letters stick to the can or can be removed to use someplace else. 

Scrabble letters on an orange pumpkin aluminum can

While I have the paint out I will get started on the next pumpkin project...

cans and mason jars painted orange

While you're here check out another recycled aluminum can project I made recently! 

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