Scrap Wood Summer Sailboat Ornaments

I'm at it again... summer sailboats made from scraps. 

scrap wood sailboat ornaments

I made these several years ago for a neighborhood craft fair and I'm at it again.

My inspiration for these boats came from our neighborhood beach... I have to admit, we are a little spoiled around here!

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I dug through my wood scrap box and grabbed every piece shaped like a triangle. 

You can read the whole tutorial from last time here

Sailboat ornaments from workshop scraps

It is almost time to think about Christmas and sailboat season is waning but these are perfect for the sailboat lover in your life. 

Just let it be said, you will want to check these out because they are so simple to make and come out so great. 

wooden scrap sailboats

A little sanding and they are ready for paint. 

Summer sailboat ornaments made from scrap wood

A bow and a piece of jute and these little sailboats are ready to hang around your house for summer or on the tree at Christmas. 

They can be personalized with boat numbers or sail insignia too!

Wooden scrap sailboat ornaments


Wooden sailboat Christmas ornaments

A fun little project you can keep out all year long!
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