Clip Carousel Organizer for the Workshop

Today I'm repurposing a repurposed project.

Clip Carousel Organizer for the Workshop

A while back I created an earring holder from an old lamp. 

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Clip Carousel Earring Holder

Today I'm switching it up because truthfully I don't wear that many earrings. I do however, spend a lot of time in the workshop so I know I can use it there. 

During a recent 2 day snowstorm I spent a lot of time organizing my workshop. I went through everything! I filled many storage jars and found things I forgot I had including a lot of tiny tags and chalkboard labels.

DIY Clip Carousel Organizer for the Workshop

I almost decided to put the earring holder in the giveaway pile but on second thought I noticed all those little holes were perfect for hanging hooks. The hooks were perfect for clipping all those little tags I found. 

DIY Clip Carousel Organizer

I used a variety of clips including clip hooks, small clothespins and tiny hinge clips. Some hung from the holes and others clipped to the metal rings. 

        DIY Clip Carousel Organizer for Tags and Labels

I know this repurposed clip carousel is going to get a lot of use in my workshop and I'm glad I thought twice before sending it to the giveaway pile! 

Clip Carousel Organizer for Tags and Labels



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