White Rice Speckled Easter Eggs

Today we learned a new and easy way to color eggs. 

Colored Easter Eggs

My four daughters and 3 grandsons got together for some Easter Egg coloring chaos fun today. 

Easter Egg dye in cups

I started out by hard boiling 18 eggs at 5:30 this morning so they would be ready for the fun.  

Well... they were not ready. 

Apparently you need to boil eggs for a little longer than I thought when you have all 18 in the pot. 

Luckily my daughter couldn't wait and cracked one open to find our soft boiled problem. 

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I probably should have used the egg steamer (affiliate link) I bought a few weeks ago... would have made the job much easier! 


It was not a problem for long because I popped the eggs back in the pot and boiled them for a little longer. 

Next came the egg dying. 

Imagine if you will, the cooperation of four daughters, 1 crying baby, a toddler, and one 3 1/2 year old taking all of this very seriously. 

Add to that the soft boiled egg incident and we had nothing short of a loud busy kitchen!

This year we are trying a new way to dye the eggs using white rice. 

Bag of white rice and a jar of rice

We filled sandwich bags with dry white rice then added about 6 drops of food coloring to the bag. 

Jar of white rice and bag of red rice

We did this for five different colors. 

Bags of different colored rice

While our eggs were slightly wet, we dropped a hard boiled egg into the bag and gently shook the bag. 

The eggs came out with a beautiful speckled design. 

red speckled egg and white eggs

We did the same with the rest of the colors. 

Speckled eggs in rainbow colors

They were so easy to make and came out amazing!!

Carton of rainbow colored eggs

And because our 3 1/2 year old grandson wanted to do it the "regular" way we also used the old vinegar and fizzy dye method. 

Colored eggs and cups of dye

We had a fun time but due to our hard boiled egg debacle, we ended up with a lot fewer eggs than we started with. 

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Carton of rainbow eggs with Pinterest overlay

We are looking forward to a blessed Easter with 
this fun family and our new batch of grandchildren this year. 

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