Mason Jar Organization in the Kitchen

I'm organizing my kitchen cabinets for once and for all.

organizing my kitchen cabinets with jars!

With jars! Mason jars, Ball jars, glass jars, pasta jars... 

Whatever glass I can recycle, repurpose, or thrift I'm using. 

I set out on a trip to the thrift store and was lucky enough to find exactly what I was looking for. Extra large 1/2 gallon Ball jars with the lids were half price and only $1.50 each.

Mason Jar Organization in the Kitchen

They are perfect for holding cereal. A regular size box of cereal fits in one and a large box uses two. The jars are easy to grab and the cereal stays fresh for a long time. 

I'm using quart sized jars for the oats and the granola, the oatmeal packets are within easy reach using large glass jars with lids. 

DIY Mason Jar Organization in the Kitchen

The best part is you can see at a glance how much cereal is left so you know to buy more. 

  DIY Mason Jar Organization with labels  in the Kitchen

I don't know about you but my young adult children are not kind to the cereal boxes and this solution will keep my closets neater for sure!

In my corner baking cabinet I'm using jars of all sizes, both vintage and new to hold flour, sugar, brown sugar, sea salt, cocoa, and corn starch. Jarred pasta sauce jars are also a great way to recycle!

Mason Jar Organization with labels  in the Kitchen

Each jar is labeled with clear labels using the Dymo Label Maker. I use this label maker often to label files, food jars and in the craft room. Label cartridges are available in white, colors, and clear.

Mason Jar Organization with labels

All the utensils that aren't used on a regular basis plus all my measuring cups are stored in 1 gallon glass jars as well. 

Utensils and measuring cups organized in glass jars

My ultimate plan is to redo the footprint of our kitchen someday and add a pantry. For years I've been making and selling pantry signs but I don't actually have one of my own. 

In the meantime I organized my silverware drawer and it made emptying my dishwasher so much easier! 

rustic pantry sign on Etsy Homeroad

For the time being I will be happy to continue keeping my kitchen cabinets clean and organized using recycled and repurposed jars. 

Chalk painted kitchen cabinet organization

You can read all about my painted cabinets {here}.

I'm waiting on my next order of 1/2 gallon sized jars so I can continue to organize the remaining boxes of crackers, granola bars, and pasta left in my cabinets. 

Using mason jars for food organization in the pantry

I'm hoping I've inspired you to organize your pantry and kitchen cabinets to give you more room and a little peace of mind. 

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  1. I've been doing this for awhile and I love the idea of using Jars to hold store bought Boxed Items, I really think using Jars help keep the critters away who seem to like chewing the cardboard :) Although I don't have a Label maker, I do cut the top of the box off and tuck it inside the jar to remind of what I have inside. I Love your article. Great Article and thanks for sharing.
    Barbara Booth

    1. Thank you for visiting Barbara! I think that's a great idea to save the box top. I was doing that for a while but then decided to pull out the label maker. It makes it easy to see what is in the jars at a quick glance :)

    2. I also tuck labels inside jars. For the ones that I use for flour etc, I use a paint pin. Majic jarker just rubs off paint pin doesnt

    3. Paint pen will not rub off. I also tried the majic marker

  2. friend and I were talking about jars just yesterday. I love you I don't stick with just Mason Ball jars, I also keep the pasta jars, pickle jars etc. I use them for all sorts of things! Love what you have done with yours. I also cut off the expiration date and either put it down in the food or tape to tha back.

    1. Expiration date??? LOL Good idea! Yes any jar works for me but I especially love that large mason jar for the cereal!

    2. I keep pasta jars too because they are Mason jars. And regular jar lids will fit on the jars too.

    3. I keep Classico pasta jars as well. Pickle jars .
      My husband loves stuffed olives. And I get to keep the little barrel jars.

  3. And canning jars are great for storing muffin tin liners too!

    1. Yes that is a great idea! I'm going to do that right now because I have a bunch of liners rolling around in the back of the closet! Thank you!

  4. I also use different jars for stuff. I have brown sugar in a cracker jar.I have rice and oats in a hinged jar.I buy the big bags of cereal and i store it in a Big barrell jar. It almose holds the whole bag.

    1. I use the BIG Barrel jars because I buy the Big bags of cereal.Half gallon Mason jars pint jars. Are also good to store boxes food in. I love my Mason Jars.


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