Repairing a Water Damaged Bathroom Vanity

This vanity makeover is going to save me a lot of money!

Giving a bathroom vanity a makeover with paint

If you saw my bathroom mat post then you may have noticed the water damaged particle board vanity in the photo. I sure did!

This is my daughter's bathroom and you can read all about that drama here

The whole side and bottom of this 20 year old vanity was water damaged... it is made from particle board and apparently didn't survive my 4 daughters very well. When particle board gets wet it expands and makes a mess!

Today was the day... after seeing those photos I was a little grossed out and determined to give it a makeover. 

I priced out new vanities and while I had no problem buying a new one, I decided to wait until my last 2 girls were finished with college and moved out to spend any big money on this bathroom. 

Repairing a Water Damaged  Vanity
I used computer paper to create a template of the damaged side of the vanity. I traced out the baseboard and the front cut then drew it onto a thin piece of plywood. 

Repairing a Water Damaged Bathroom Vanity with a template

I cut the plywood to the correct shape using my jigsaw then nailed it to the damaged side of the vanity with my nail gun

Water Damaged Bathroom Vanity Repairs

The space under the front of the vanity was also water damaged so I cut a 1"x 4" to the correct length and nailed it under the drawers. 

Correcting Water Damaged Bathroom Vanity

My carpenter skills are minimal but I'm happy with the way I was able to cover up the water damage. 

Next came the drawers. They were in pretty bad shape too. Makeup, dirt, and spilled whatever... 

Giving a bathroom vanity a makeover

I sanded all the damage on the drawer fronts and cleaned out the inside of each drawer.  Using an acrylic white paint with a primer, I painted the inside and outside of each drawer. 

Giving a bathroom vanity a makeover with paint

By making these simple repairs, I saved myself $600-$800 on a new vanity. 

Giving a bathroom vanity a makeover with paint and simple repairs

Stay tuned for the rest of this bathroom makeover... 

What I didn't show you were the bright orange walls and white wainscot in this room that will soon be painted over in a nice neutral color.

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