DIY Wooden Wall Shelves

This project began when I cleaned out the basement 
last weekend.

Pile of broken furniture

I broke apart two very old IKEA dressers that were down in my basement for years. 

Most of the pieces went out to the trash but I did manage to save a few pieces that I thought I might need some day. 

I've been searching my favorite places for shelves to hang over the toilet in the bathroom but they are all quite expensive and too large for my space. 

This morning I stopped searching and started building. 

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Using scrap wood from the dressers, I built brackets to hold shelves. 

I used wood glue and my nail gun to attach the 45 degree angled pieces. 

wood pieces and shelf brackets

Then using the backs of the drawers I saved I made shelves.

wooden shelves attached to brackets

I stained the wood then gave the shelves a coat of Polycrylic sealer

The drawer panels are originally made from pieced together pieces of wood so the stain made the shelves look beautiful!

stained shelves

Shelf pieces stained and drying

I drilled holes in the top and bottom of the brackets for screws to attach the shelves to the wall. 

I attached the shelves to the brackets using wood glue and the nail gun. 

This was tricky I will not lie. 

I was careful to measure where to put the brackets and then to keep the brackets square before I added the shelves.

shelves sealed with polycrylic

These shelves were just what I needed and the best part was I made them for free using what I had and from what I almost tossed to the curb. 

Bathroom shelves hanging in workshop

wooden shelves standing on table

See the shelves on the wall in the bathroom along with the new bathroom renovations by visiting the bold lettering

shelves hanging on bathroom wall

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wall shelves with baskets and overlay

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