Pallet Wood Tea Light Candle Holder

6:28:00 AM

This amazing project was actually very easy to make!

Pallet Wood Tea Light Candle Holder

We have another day off from school today because of snow so I am just itching to find a project to keep me busy. 

I noticed these little treasures by the burn pile. 

Pallet Wood for a Tea Light Candle Holder

Oh no, no, no! No burn pile for these guys!

I headed to the workshop before my husband notices they're gone.

At one time I purchased this Diablo drill bit that I knew would come in handy one day... and it did. 

I marked 5 spots evenly spaced down the length of the wood. 

Pallet Wood drilled for a Tea Light Candle Holder

The only problem was that this wood is not pine like I thought, whatever it is is very hard and it took longer than expected to drill the holes. My drill was not happy. 

Once the holes were finally finished I gave the whole piece a quick sanding with my electric sander. 

I stained the wood with my very favorite stain... well, decorative glaze. I painted it on and then wiped it off. I use it on everything I stain. I bought it from Home Depot. 

Staining Pallet Wood for a Tea Light Candle Holder

When the stain dried I added a cute little tag holder I got from DLawless Hardware. They have tons of hardware at great prices! 

Metal label for a Tea Light Candle Holder

I have no idea what I will write on the paper I'm adding to the tag but I'm sure one day it will hit me. For now I'm leaving it blank. 

Rustic Tea Light Candle Holder
That's pretty much all there is to this quick project. 

I showed it to my husband and I think he will think twice about what he tosses into the burn pile from now on. 

It's hard to see just how pretty it looks with the candles lit, I will have to wait until after dark. 

Rustic DIY Tea Light Candle Holder

I'm off to find another project to work on since I finished this one by 8:30 am! 

Easy and Inexpensive Rustic DIY Tea Light Candle Holder

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  1. Honest to gosh you make the best upcycled home decor! This is something that would sell for big bucks at a PB or West Elm.Love it! xo Kathleen |Our Hopeful Home

    1. Thank you so much Kathleen! This was pretty easy though this piece of reclaimed wood was very hard so drilling the holes wasn't as easy as it could be on a piece of pine :) Thanks for visiting :)

  2. Wow, very nice. I love this project. FYI, for tge first time, this page been jumping to the top each time I would try to write an email

    1. Hi Ivory Jean thanks so much for letting me know. If you have that issue again please let me know. I think it may have been an ad that was wonking my page... I don't like them but they pay for my supplies! LOL

  3. Love the candle holder, and how you added the little tag holder. I'm sure you will come up with something good to write on it. I have some old wood that I'm going to make some candle holders, but had a hard time finding a drill bit that worked for what I wanted. Finely ordered one online like you have, works great!


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