Recycled Corked Bottles with Fairy Lights

       My sister the art teacher sent me this idea.

Recycled Corked Bottles with Fairy Lights

What's so exciting about recycling a couple of beer bottles you ask? 

Well this...

 DIY Recycled Corked Bottles with Fairy Lights

And the photo my sister sent me...

Recycled bottles with colored fairy lights

The secret is the fairy lights... how pretty are they? And you can buy them right here...

Recycled DIY Corked Bottles with Fairy Lights

This bottle came from the thrift store and I just love it!

When you click on the bold Amazon affiliate links you will be taken to the products I use for this project. If you order it does not change the price or service at all. As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases. 

They come from Amazon and are a sting of tiny lights attached to a cork.

Fairy Lights with a cork to decorate recycled bottles

The cork has a switch and replaceable batteries.

You can stick it in beer bottles or wine bottles, whatever you have on hand. 

Use beer bottles to create a fairy light decoration for outdoors

I would have shown you how they look in all different colored bottles but I only had brown... I'm going to have to do something about the lack of empties around here. 

The bottles can be painted, or add a fancy clear label, or just tie on a vintage tag like I did. 

Recycled beer bottles with vintage tags and fairy lights on a cork

The fairy lights are gorgeous and couldn't be easier!

Check out my affiliate link for the Fairy Lights.

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