Ten DIY Thrifted Cutting Board Ideas

If you love thrifting and you love cutting board projects then you already know... thrift stores and garage sales are filled with old cutting boards! But what can you do with them? I'll show you, take a look... 

vintage cutting board

I have some ideas for you... Ten (and more) of them actually!! Before any cutting board project you will want to make sure to clean the cutting board well. You never know what they were used for 😖.

After 13 years of blogging and many cutting board projects I'm gathering a few of my favorites to inspire you. 

Visit the bold blue links for the project details and don't forget to visit the READ MORE at the bottom of the page for even more of my latest cutting board ideas!

#1. Footed Butcher Block Cutting Board

cutting board with feet

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#2. French Ipad Stand

cutting board with transfer and metal number

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#3. Cutting Board Shelf

folded cutting board shelf

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#4. Wine Barrel Chalkboard

wine label cutting board

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#5. Turkey Cutting Board Tray

Lunch tray cutting board with stencil

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#6. Mason Jar Wall Vase

cutting board with stencil and mason jar

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#7. Cutting Board Ampersand Hooks

cutting board with hardware hooks

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#8. Recycled Can Organizer

cutting board with cans

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#9. Apple Chalkboard Center

apple cutting board chalkboard

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#10. Cutting Board Message Center

ruler and chalkboard cutting board makeover

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I hope you enjoyed a spin through Homeroad's best cutting board ideas and you'll try a few for yourself!

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cutting board with overlay

collage of cutting board projects

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