Outdoor Solar Light Makeover

This is where this project started. 

Thrift Store Solar Light Makeover

A crackled glass solar light, that no longer worked. 

It did however have a great base, and if I replaced the battery in the solar light I'd have a chance of it working again. 

DIY Thrift Store Solar Light Makeover

Step one was to remove the globe. I got it off without breaking it so I'm going to do something fun with the globe too. Check below to see where it found a home for now.

I used a white chalky paint to give the base a quick once over. 

Repainted DIY Thrift Store Solar Light

I used E6000 glue to attach an antique glass insulator to the top. It was exactly the right diameter to fit on top of the base. 

Repainted DIY Thrift Store Insulator Solar Light

It fits in very nicely on my deck next to the repurposed planter and the cement candle holder/planter I made recently. Click on the yellow links to check out those projects. 

Repurposed Outdoor DIY Projects for Summer

This easy project made a huge difference. I can't wait to see the solar light work at night! 

Thrift Store Repurposed Outdoor DIY Projects for Summer

Here is the original cracked glass globe. 
It found a home in one of my repurposed planters
in the garden.  A small battery powered tea light candle 
inside maybe? 


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