Chippy Window American Flag

       I love when I'm driving down the road and I see something I just have to have! 

Chippy Window American Flag

This was it for me today... 

This old chippy window was actually a double pane window but part of the wood was rotted so I cut it down to one window. 

Being the Fourth of July 🇺🇸 and how much I love to make flags, this project was an easy pick for a project. 


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I began by using masking tape to tape off the stripes of a flag. I'm working on the back of the window. 

Painting a flag on a Chippy Window with white paint

I gave each color a couple of coats. 

If you hold it up to a light the color looks streaky but putting it against a wall, the paint is quite opaque. 

Once I had the taped off white stripes, the rest was easy. 

I hand painted the red stripes, the white paint kept the lines sharp.

I stenciled a white star into the field than when it dried,  painted the field blue right over the star. 

Painted American flag on chippy window

I didn't need to even touch the chippy wood because the patina was perfect! 

I added an old rusty chain to the top to hang it from the fence. 

You can visit my fence hanger story to find out more about hanging decor on a fence. 

Chippy frame with American flag painted inside

The green table (with the very dry plants) was another past DIY project on Homeroad. 

American flag window and plants and potting table

It looks great hanging out by the repurposed lamp shade planter too!

Painting an American flag on a chippy window for Fourth of July


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window flag and overlay

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