Chippy Window American Flag

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       I love when I'm driving down the road and I see something I just have to have! 

Chippy Window American Flag

This was it for me today... this old chippy window was actually a double pane window but part of the wood was rotted so I cut it down to one window. 

Being the Fourth of July πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡Έ and how much I love to make flags, this project was an easy pick for a project. 

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I began by using masking tape to tape off the stripes of a flag. I'm working on the back of the window. 

Painting a flag on a Chippy Window American Flag

I gave each color a couple of coats. If you hold it up to a light the color looks streaky but putting it against a wall, the paint is quite opaque. 

Once I had the taped off white stripes, the rest was easy. I hand painted the red stripes, the white paint kept the lines sharp.

I stenciled a white star into the field then when it dried,  painted the field blue right over the star. 

Creating an American flag on a chippy old window

I didn't need to even touch the chippy wood because the patina was perfect! 

I added an old rusty chain to the top to hang it from the fence. You can visit my fence hanger story to find out more about hanging decor on a fence. 

Creating an American flag on a chippy window

The green table (with the very dry plants) was another past 
DIY project on Homeroad. 

Painting an American flag on a chippy window

It looks great hanging out by the repurposed lamp shade planter too!

Painting an American flag on a chippy window for Fourth of July

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  1. Love this! It's so bright and festive. Visiting from Vintage Charm party.

    1. Thank you Victoria and thanks for stopping by. I hope you will sign up for my emails and visit often! :)

  2. Lovely project, looks so elegant with the greenery. Visiting from Vintage Charm. Happy Independence Day!!

    1. Thank you! I hope you will sign up for emails and come back soon! Happy 4th of July! :)

  3. Great upcycle and perfect for all the patriotic holidays!

    1. Thanks so much Kathy! Something I'd hang out all summer long!

  4. I love old windows and I love it even better when I find them by the side of the road! This was a fabulous upcycle, love it! Hope you had a happy 4th! Thanks for sharing at Vintage Charm:) xo Kathleen|Our Hopeful Home

    1. Thank you Kathleen! Hope your holiday was a fun one!


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