Easy Recycled Blue Glass Jar Vase

       Are you always looking for ways to repurpose?

Easy Recycled Blue Glass Jar Vase

Well you should! Sometimes it is as easy as looking closely at what you might be throwing out. 

Like this glass vitamin jar... it was headed to the trash.

Recycled Blue Glass Jar Vase

But I was having a lunch date with a friend and I was looking for a tiny vase and there it was.

Beautiful outdoor lunch table with recycled glass vase

I dropped the jar into a coffee mug to soak off the label. 

How to remove the label off a jar

Then dropped in some flowers! That's all there is to this easy recycled project. 

Easy Recycled Glass Jar Vase

It was all I needed and it matched my wine glasses! 

Not that we were drinking wine in the middle of the day or anything! 🙄

Easy Recycled Glass Vitamin jar Vase

Vitamin bottles come in many different colors. You could even create a small vignette of tiny colored bottles 
filled with small flowers!

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