DIY Cement Planter Family Project

The Fourth of July this year at our house was tons of fun
and the beginning of a new family tradition. 

Cement planter and candle holder

My artsy oldest daughter decided to bring over a project for the whole family to make. 

She gathered all the materials we needed to create little cement planters. It was a great idea with adorable results. 

DIY Family project making cement planters

First we mixed the cement in a large bucket with water until it was the consistency of cake batter. 

Cement planter project

We sprayed paper cups and the inside of recycled plastic containers of all shapes and sizes, with cooking spray then filled the containers with cement. 

Try to ignore the very pregnant daughter in the kiddie pool in the background of this photo.... she is due any minute now.

Cement planter projects

We had 4 generations of people helping with this project including my 3 year old grandson, the water boy.

Family craft project

The next step was to drop the paper cup into the cement. 

We filled the paper cup with rocks to hold it down in the cement and let it dry overnight. 

kitchen baking spray for planter project

The next morning we pulled out the cup and cut the plastic container from around the cement. 

Aren't they fabulous??!! 

Family project creating cement planters

If that wasn't fun enough, we then painted them... 

We taped off areas on the cement and decorated them with metallic paint. 

Cement planters painted with metallic paint

Some of the cement planters were left unpainted because they were just as cool as is!

Recycled containers to make cement planter and candle holder

For those of you (like me) that may be a little green thumb challenged, you can also use them as cute little candle holders. 

Cement candle holder in red white and blue

DIY Metallic succulent planter

This was such a fun family project that we decided to make a new tradition and do a craft project on every holiday. 

cement planter or candle holders

It's a great way to get everyone involved, learn new skills and take turns teaching what we know!


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