Make a Driftwood Hanging Fish

I love using driftwood to create summer projects and my recent beach vacation was the perfect place to start.

Pile of driftwood from the beach

I spent hours walking the beach and collecting driftwood on the ocean in Montauk while my husband fished.

Man fishing on the beach

I got a great tan and a bag-full of beautiful driftwood. 

While I was perusing the gift shops, I saw a hanging driftwood fish and knew I could create a similar one with all the great driftwood I just collected. 

Beach path down to the water

When I returned home from vacation I dumped out my treasures on a table and lined the driftwood up in the shape of a fish. 

Lined up driftwood sticks

Using a very thin drill bit, I drilled a hole in the center of each stick. 

Driftwood fish head for wind chimes

I began stringing the pieces on a length of fishing line I found on the beach. 

You can find almost everything you need for this project on the beach! 

Between each of the driftwood sticks, I placed a silver bead as a spacer. You can also use wooden beads!

You can also use shells if you drill tiny holes in the center. 

Bead spacers between driftwood for fish spine

Before the line is pulled tight the sticks are all over the place. 

I won't be pulling them too tightly because I like that they move in the wind. 

(See those corks in the basket... I need a new project for those!) 

The piece I'm putting at the top looks remarkably like a fish head already and I didn't do anything to it. 

I attached the head to the body with a screw eye and another on the tail at the bottom. 

There is also a screw eye on the top to hang the fish. 

Driftwood fish head hanging wind chimes

The head and tail pieces were lucky finds and brought this project together! 

Driftwood hanging using silver bead spacers

This driftwood fish was a lot of fun to make and took only 30 minutes. 

You could also add a hanging bell to the bottom of the fish tail to make the bell ring when the wind blows like this drift wood wind chime I made in the past. 

Driftwood Fish Wind chime from drift wood and silver beads

The best part is that aside from the beads and the screw eyes that I already had, this project was FREE and it was fun to collect the supplies! 


With driftwood you can also make a great Driftwood Photo Display or Driftwood Candle Holder for summer decorating.

Hanging Fish made from Driftwood

Every time I look at it hanging on my deck it will remind me of our great summer vacation on the beach in Montauk! 

Hanging Fish made from Driftwood

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Hanging driftwood fish Pinterest pin


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