How to Make Mushrooms Stakes for Plants

On a recent trip to the craft store I saw this package of mushrooms that I thought would be adorable with a stick in them for my plants. 
DIY Planter Mushrooms Stakes
Problem was that they were about $10 and I'm a little cheap so I wanted to figure out how to make them myself. 
When I got home I looked around my workshop and found a jar of champagne corks, they were the ones I never used for projects but they were just perfect to recycle for this one. I also grabbed a few wooden skewers and had a great idea. 
Supplies for DIY Planter Mushrooms Stakes

I drilled a hole in the bottom of the corks and used E6000 glue to hold the sticks in place. 
Supplies for Cork Planter Mushrooms Stakes

I'm using Fusion Mineral Paint for this project so it will also hold up outdoors. You can find a place that sells Fusion Mineral Paint near you by visiting the bold link. That's Mini in the background, she's helping. 
Fusion Mineral Paint colors for Mushroom Project

I made holes in a cardboard box to stick the mushroom sticks into so they could dry safely. (and hoping the kitten doesn't think it looks like a toy) I started with the white and let it dry. 
Painting Corks for DIY Planter mushroom stakes

Then I painted the tops red and let that dry. 
Painting Corks with FMP for DIY Planter mushroom stakes

Painting corks to look like mushrooms for planters

Lastly, I painted white dots on the top of the mushroom corks. 
Painting recycled corks to look like mushrooms for planters

They came out adorable and are going to look great in my plants. The best part is that it was free to make these so I used the $10 on a manicure instead! 
Painting recycled corks for free mushrooms for planters

I added the mushrooms to my outdoor lettuce for a little pop of color. They will look beautiful in the garden
DIY cork mushrooms for outdoor planters

And to my indoor cactus that is blooming beautifully right now! 
DIY red and white cork mushrooms for indoor planters

DIY red and white mushroom stakes for planters

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