DIY Repurposed Chair Key Organizer

Today I'm repurposing a pretty chair that has seen 
better days! 
Repurposed Chair Key Organizer
This was a special chair to my daughter many years ago because it was part of a room that was made for her as her Make a Wish. She wished for a gorgeous room with beautiful furniture that she loved a lot.
The room is still amazing but the chair needed to be replaced. Instead of throwing it out, I'm repurposing it... of course!
DIY Repurposed Chair Key Organizer

I began by taking the chair apart and removing the upholstery from the back of the chair. 
DIY Repurposed Chair Farmhouse Style Key Organizer

I drew a line across the bottom of the chair and cut off the back legs with a circular saw. 
Repurposed Chair Farmhouse Style Key Organizer

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I chose the color Cathedral Taupe by Fusion Mineral Paint for this project. You can find a Fusion Mineral Paint dealer near you by visiting the bold link. 
Farmhouse Style Repurposed Key Organizer

The next step to turn this chair into a key organizer involved adding pieces of an old wooden thread holder I had. I cut them to fit inside the heart shape of the chair than painted them to match. 
DIY Farmhouse Style Repurposed Key Organizer

As a finishing touch I went around all the edges and the flower with gold gilding wax. It gave the piece a little dimension. 
Gold gilded chair flower

I put a sawtooth hanger on the back and hung it up to organize all of our keys. Truth be told I'm not even sure what half these keys go to. I also added a knob to the bottom to hang the dog leash. 
DIY Farmhouse Style Repurposed Chair

Farmhouse Style Repurposed Chair

Think twice before putting something out to the curb! This chair didn't go to the dump, it was repurposed into something we sure can use around here! It can hang in the entry way, in a mud room, or even in a stairwell to organize the family keys. 
Key Organizer by the front door.

Farmhouse Style Repurposed Chair into Key Organizer
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