Shipping Label Stenciled Buffalo Check Cubbies

The idea for this project came to me when I 
found this old cubbie shelf I had hidden in the basement. 
Shipping Label Stenciled Buffalo Check Cubbies

I began by removing the top panel and sliding out the back panel of the box. 
DIY Shipping Label Stenciled Buffalo Check Cubbies

I stained the wood with an all in one stain that includes sealer.
DIY  Stenciled Buffalo Check Cubbies
While the stain dried, I recovered the back of the box with buffalo check wrapping paper. I painted DecoArt Decoupage on the white backing then used a brayer to roll out the wrapping paper and remove the bubbles. 
DIY Buffalo Check Cubbies with Wrapping paper

When everything was dry I slipped the backing back into the back of the cubbies. 
Shipping Label Stenciled Cubbies

For the next part of this project I used Old Sign Stencil's newest stencil, the Shipping crate stencil. 

You can find these stencils by visiting the dark link above. 
I quickly added stencils to the sides, top and shelves of the cubbies. 
DIY Shipping Label Stenciled Cubbies

DIY Shipping Label Stenciled Cubbies for Enamelware

I almost got carried away, it was so easy. I used a foam pouncer and in minutes had the perfect stencils all over my fun new cubbie shelf. 

Shipping Label Stenciled Cubbies for Enamelware

Stenciled Cubbies for Enamelware

I filled the cubbies with my favorite reproduction enamelware  tumblers for the perfect look in front of the buffalo checked backing.

Buffalo check stenciled cubbie shelf

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Old Sign Stencils provided me with the stencil, all opinions are my own.

I am Susan, the author and creator at Homeroad. I am a wife, mother of 4 daughters, and a grandmother of 5 and counting. I am a retired teacher, a DIY blogger and an artist at heart. .


  1. That looks so good. The first pic I thought the piece was a lot bigger and maybe you were going to use in the entry for books, shoes, purses and etc. But I love what you did. Love the stencils too. Great job.

    1. You could literally make the same project on a larger square shelf! That would be great too!

  2. Gorgeous! You have the vision and the DIY skills to do it all. I'm pea green!!


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