Make a DIY String Holder

Today it's another knock off project with my own repurposed twist from a popular website. 
Yard sale finds and a repurposed twine holder

I gathered my yard sale finds... and I got to work creating my own version of a string holder I saw for sale in a recent email. 

Today is the tenth of the month so once again it is time for my friends and I to present our Ten on the Tenth projects. 

This month our theme is yard sale finds and it is right up my alley! 

Read all about my project then head to the bottom of this post to visit all my friends. 
Yard sale finds and a DIY repurposed twine holder

I began by gluing the yard sale parts together with E6000 glue. 

I'm using a brass hose nozzle and a part from a lamp that I repurposed a while back. 
DIY twine holder made from yard sale finds

I also put the glue on a large screw that I screwed into the bottom of the piece. 
Twine holder made from yard sale finds

When the glue dried I spray painted my string holder with black hammered spray paint. 
Twine holder made from yard sale finds spray painted black

The color made the hose nozzle and the lamp part look like they were meant to be together. 
DIY Twine holder made from yard sale finds spray painted black
string holder with string and scissors

That's about all I needed to do for this easy project other than to add the scissors and the string! 

For a few string suggestions please visit my Amazon suggestions at the bottom of this post. 
DIY Twine holder made from yard sale finds spray painted black with scissors
DIY string holder from yard sale finds
This knock-off project looks amazingly like the original and I made it with yard sale finds! 
String holder from yard sale finds
The hose nozzle is even tall enough to fit two different kinds of twine. 
String holder from repurposed yard sale finds

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