How to Make Rustic Letter Blocks

If you've been following along you may have read about the driftwood hanging fish I made as a vacation souvenir. 

How to Make Rustic Letter Blocks

Another gift shop item I was in love with were these rustic wooden letter blocks. 

They were made from rough hewn wood and looked easy enough to make and very much my Farmhouse style. 

I began with a piece of rough hewn wood I had in my workshop. 

If you don't know what rough hewn is, it is wood that has been roughly cut with a finish that is not smooth like the regular wood you buy. 

How to make rustic letter blocks

I cut the 3" wide wood into lengths using my chop saw. 

I wasn't exact with my measurements so the blocks would be a little random in size, approximately 3". 

Honestly, after all this time I am still nervous to use this saw. 

I always ask myself "where are your hands" before I lower the blade.

It's a good practice!

How to Make Farmhouse Style Rustic Letter Blocks

I painted just the tops of the wooden blocks with a small roller and Fusion Mineral Paint in Casement

How to Make Farmhouse Style Rustic Letter Blocks for the mantel

Step 2 is to add a letter to each block. 

You can use any technique for transferring letters, I am choosing to trace around a set of letter stickers I bought on Amazon then fill in the letters using a paint Sharpie. 

How to Make DIY Farmhouse Style Rustic Letter Blocks for the mantel

If you don't have stickers, you can print out the letters you need on the computer, use graphite paper to transfer the image to the block with a pencil, then paint in the lines with a brush or paint Sharpie. 

I'm using a simple font like arial to get the look of my inspiration blocks. 

DIY Farmhouse Style Rustic Letter Blocks for the mantel

You can paint and letter the other side of these blocks too to use for another season. 

In this case maybe WINTER or SPRING on the back of AUTUMN. (all 6 letters, that works out nicely 😄) 

Farmhouse Style Rustic Letter Blocks for the mantel
Farmhouse Style Rustic Letter Blocks for the winter mantel

When the stenciled letters dried I sanded all the edges of the blocks smooth with an electric sander. 

How to make Blocks for an autumn mantel

Another DIY idea inspired from my summer vacation was once again free and fun to make and when I'm ready to decorate my mantel for FALL this will be perfect! 

Autumn mantel blocks for a farmhouse mantel

Check out how to make that mantel ladder too! 

DIY Farmhouse Style Rustic Letter Blocks for the autumn mantel

Autumn is definitely one of those words that the longer you look at it, always looks misspelled! 🤣

Check out the driftwood flower vase also vacation inspired!

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  1. They are so cute! I need to get better with tools.

    1. Thanks so much Kim, it's not hard... just a little scary sometimes!

  2. Love the idea!! Thank you for sharing Susan!


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