A New Puppy at Our House

This is not your usual DIY post from me, this story is introducing you to one of our latest family members. Meet Finn, or TheFinnstasinsta as he's known on Instagram. 

In this story I'd like you to meet the little bundle of energy and maybe I can even get some tips and tricks from you this time. 
You see I will confess, I am not generally a big dog lover... cats yes, but dogs... I'm trying. We've had some bad luck in the past with dogs, health and bad choices being among a few of the problems. But I am among the minority in my house so apparently, I am going to learn fast. Check out the eyeliner on this dog, I wish I could get mine to look that great! 

My friend Bliss encouraged me to introduce Finn while over at the Ranch she is talking up her new puppy Abe. Bliss apparently has more patience than I do but like I said, I'm learning too. Stop on over to Bliss Ranch and see what you can learn about her favorite puppy products too. 
Now Finn came to us via Craig's List. He was a rescue that someone couldn't keep (probably because of his wife) and put him up for sale. I would never recommend selling or even getting a pet from Craig's list but we did and there was no turning back. Finn is much loved in our family and was generally a good choice. He was healthy and happy and looked like he was well taken care of. 

Now as most of you know there is a puppy stage. Finn is about 10 months old and while I patiently wait for that stage to be over, I have rolled up the carpets and battened down the hatches at Homeroad.  
To say that my deck and backyard is my summer sanctuary as a teacher with the summer off, is an understatement. Finn however, has other plans for my deck furniture and pillows. Every time we turn our back, Finn has one of our pillows out on the lawn tearing it to shreds. So far this summer, I've lost 4 pillows. I have a deck box to put cushions in now and that is where the rest of them are staying. 

If I was thinking of doing any entertaining of friends or grandchildren in the backyard this summer I'm thinking again. Finn thinks everyone is there to see him, he wants to greet everyone with two big paws on the shoulder. We now have a stake in the outer yard where Finn is learning that he can not be the life of every party. Before you worry, we have a fenced in yard where Finn gets plenty of exercise. 
Here is my grandson trying to be brave and getting close but not too close. Finn loves the children, just wants to play a little rough sometimes. 

Did you know counter surfing was even a thing? I did not. I googled how to keep the dog off the counters and found the term "counter surfing". Who knew? When you get a dog of questionable breed, you have no idea how large said dog is going to grow. He was an adorable little puppy but now stands taller than me when he jumps up. Right now he can easily reach anything and everything on the kitchen counters. He has been known to stand up and grab food, suntan lotion, keys, purses and even my prescription glasses from the counter and bring them out to the yard for a little snack. For some reason, the command "down" is not sinking in too quickly.  Finn is now relegated to one side of the kitchen where he can no longer reach the counter. Live and learn. 

In case you're wondering, yes, Finn has a large crate. He spends the night in the crate and anytime he is left alone. He doesn't mind his crate and with all the activity in our house, he luckily doesn't have to spend a long time in it. This is another brave grandson who himself has a husky so is not afraid of borrowing a few minutes in Finn's crate. 

Formal training you ask?... yes, we enrolled Finn in 2 six week classes at the pet store, which may or may not have been helpful. I'm leaning toward not. We are working at home with small treats and positive reinforcement. I'm gathering all my preschool teacher knowledge and applying it to my 4 legged student. He is definitely growing on me ❤️.

Finn likes to spend time with my daughters and at the beach where he is starting to think about taking a swim. 

So thanks for visiting and hearing all about Finn and learning how we are living life with an active puppy in the house. I hope you visit Bliss and read all about her little Abe ❤️. We are having a lot of fun comparing notes. 

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Do you have any new puppy advice for me? I'm all ears! 

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